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Anarchy versus Occultery: Darryl Cunningham

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Darryl Cunningham, author of Psychiatric Tales and Uncle Bob Adventures, presents that time-honoured pairing of Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula. You’d always wondered why they seem to be together so much when they are so very different. Now the source of their unlikely affinity is revealed, intuited by Darryl with his usual clarity. Speaking of which, if you are in London on Monday night, Foyles bookshop is the place to be. Darryl will be in conversation with Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography and author of Inequality And The 1% (Verso Books). They will be discussing Darryl’s new book, Supercrash: How To Hijack The Global Economy (Myriad Editions) – a study of the origins of the 2008 financial crash and the philosophy that caused it to happen.

Just as Psychiatric Tales explained mental illness in a way anyone could understand, Supercrash examines the American New Right and the influential libertarian Ayn Rand,  and unravels the thinking that led to the global financial collapse to show why it happened and how it could happen again.  The event is at The Auditorium at Foyles, 107 Charing Cross Road. Tickets are £8 and you can book tickets here


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