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My Skateboard Week: Truro Jump Ramp Locals


In today’s concluding My Skateboard Week post, My Skateboard Life‘s Ed Syder cracks open his scrapbook to share some of the photos from his skate-obsessed youth in Cornwall. Adorably badass.

That’s me and a kid called Matthew hanging tough by the crappy ramp we all used to drag around our estate. We all drew various skateboard logos on it felt tip pen to make it look even cooler.


That’s me circa 1990.

Here’s me and my dad and younger brother Dan in our back garden in 1991 I think. I wore that H-Street Sal Barbier T-Shirt every day for about 2 years. Note the Airwalk shoes to complete the look.


This was taken on Christmas Day in 1990 or maybe 1991 outside our house. That’s me and my brother showing off our new boards that our Dad would’ve spent the whole of Christmas day morning setting up for us, no doubt whilst we both said things like “Hurry up Dad, what’s taking you so long?” and praying for the ground to dry up so we could go and skate. Dan is holding a SMA Natas Kaupus mini and I’ve got a H-Street Matt Hensley King Size which was enormous like a boat. Those things weighed a tonne and I’m amazed we ever got them off the ground.

But get them off the ground they did, as seen in My Skateboard Life, available from the webstore (and better comic retailers) right now. Head on over to the book’s official page here on the site for more glorious art from the book and more info. Thanks to Ed for lovingly hijacking the blogwaves for the week. You should absolutely check out Ed’s My Skateboard Life blog for more four-wheel glory.

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