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Feast your eyes on a PDF preview of Felt Mistress: Creature Couture

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We’ve been telling you about our forthcoming monster 400-page tome, you’re itching to see what’s inside that beautiful cover and we’d love to show it to you. Now you can download a massive 56-page PDF that gives you an exclusive advance overview of the wonder that is Felt Mistress: Creature Couture. That’s bigger than the total page-count of some books! But it’s only a fraction of what’s inside our extensive trip through the amazing work of Felt Mistress. We’ve selected chunks from every part of the book to give you a taste of the many and varied styles and collaborations to be found within its dazzling pages.

The PDF preview of Felt Mistress: Creature Couture is a 7mb file, viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or with your Preview app on any Mac, or in your browser. Click here to download it!

When you’ve read it, you can check out the pre-order options here: FM:CC the book  or  FM:CC book + limited edition Golden Tippy Crazylabel vinyl toy set. What vinyl toy is that, you ask? Read more about our very fancy Golden Tippy here.

Felt Mistress: Creature Couture is released December 1st, 2012. Whichever option you choose, remember to order from Blank Slate before December 31st to be eligible to win an original, much coveted Felt Mistress creature! See HERE for details.

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