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Blank Slate to Publish Box Brown’s The Survivalist in October

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The Survivalist‘s front and back covers

Whoa! Stop the presses! Eagle-eared listeners of Mike Dawson and Alex Robinson’s always excellent Ink Panthers podcast will have learnt by now that we’re publishing an all-new story by Box Brown entitled The Survivalist. Due for release in October 2011, the comic follows conspiracy theory- believing survivalist Noah Wartowsky in the wake of a cataclysmic meteorite blast.

Day to day, Noah appears to lead a normal life. He works in a boring cubicle, in a boring office, surrounded by people that just ‘don’t get him’. However, as a regular listener to extreme conspiracy podcasts, Noah has built a fully functional underground bunker in the event that a supposedly “safe” passing-meteor collides with the Earth.

Unfortunately for most of the population, the conspiracy believers are proven right. The lone survivor of the cosmic catastrophe, Noah emerges completely blasé to the fall-out and destruction around him. With barely a second thought, he settles into a new life without work, without the man, and—most importantly—days full of pursuing his true passion: drawing comics.

Slowly growing sick of the monotony of being the supposed last man alive, Noah’s days of wine and irradiated roses grind to a halt when a mysterious female, Fatima, arrives on the scene. At first suspecting her to be a terrorist, a significant relationship soon blooms amongst the wreckage, forcing Noah, at long last, to genuinely connect with someone.

Appropriately for the man behind floppy-comic revival Retrofit, Box’s 48 page story will be part of our deluxe saddle-stitched format imprint Chalk Marks. Box has been working on this in secret behind the scenes for several weeks, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally let the cat out of the bag.

FYI:  during our teasing of the title reveal on Twitter, fellow Blank Slater Nick Edwards totally hit the nail on the head, correctly identifying the teaser image on the Chalk Marks page as Box’s work. Bravo, Nick!

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