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Mawil  |  80 pages |  225 x 169 mm softcover with flaps  |  B&W  |  ISBN 9781906653156  |  £8.99

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“So you want to be a rock and roll star? / Then listen now to what I say
Just get an electric guitar / Then take some time and learn how to play
And with your hair swung right / And your pants too tight, it’s gonna be all right…
– ’So You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star’ by The Byrds

Crash, pling, TWANG – the unruly sounds of a new band are slowly melded into a tight unit that can slay any audience. Well, at least in the school gym or church meeting hall. Watch as Mawil relives his experiences in search of Rock stardom – always just a fingernail out of reach. Witness as girls crowd round, the perfect sound is striven for and ‘white label’ guitars become the instruments to die for. A delightful trip through schoolday dreams, enduring friendships and the search for that golden moment of inspiration…

“(The Band is) one of the most beautiful German comics out there”
– Spiegel Online

“…You can’t do anything but enjoy The Band. Mawil knows how to get across his story with clever drawings that transport the readers into the band members’ shoes.”
– Splash Comics Germany

Published May 2011.

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