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Darryl Cunningham  | 176pp | Softcover with flaps |  B&W  |  ISBN: 978-1-906653-54-9  |  £10.99

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Psychiatric Tales delves inside the mysteries of mental disorders – presenting explanations and recollections using the cartoonist’s own experiences as both a psychiatric and care nurse and as someone who himself has suffered from depression. Being able to see the issue from both sides allows Darryl Cunningham to present matters in a forthright and instantly accessible way which will allow many to understand the trials of both sufferers and those connected to them – perhaps for the first time. Topics covered include Bi-polar disorder, self harming, suicide, depression and the author also shows how for some famous people mental disorders were part of what may have made them great. Frank, hard hitting and moving.

This is a newly expanded softcover version of Psychiatric Tales which has been updated and augmented by Darryl with two new chapters.

The original hardcover edition is now out of print, but the page can be viewed here.

“Speaking with compassion and clarity, Cunningham tells of his own struggles with severe anxiety and depression, creating a valuable tool for both those within the mental health profession and casual readers who may know someone with mental illness.” 
– Publishers Weekly

“This is a brilliant, hugely uplifting and thought provoking collection of stories and I heartily endorse it.” 
John Freeman, Down the Tubes

“Nursing’s loss is literature’s gain. With Psychiatric Tales, Cunningham has crafted his own effective way to help both himself and other sufferers of mental illness.” 
– Heller McAlpin at NPR

“Darryl Cunningham’s brilliant Psychiatric Tales – highly original, wonderfully drawn, educational (though not at all preachy) – a very readable and important comic – I think everyone should get themselves a copy” 
– Garen Ewing, author of The Rainbow Orchid

Observer Graphic Novel of the Month, July 2010

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