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Paulo Monteiro

Paulo Monteiro was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto, in the North of Portugal. From the age of 13 he illustrated poetry fanzines and drew posters and mural paintings. He studied art, painting and theatre design at Lisbon University from 1987, and after graduation in 1991 he went to live in the southern town of Beja, his current home. He has a son: Manuel. Over the years Paulo has been a journalist, a radio scriptwriter, a songwriter and performer (often in old people’s homes), a Geography teacher, an archaeologist, a grape-picker and the man bringing the films of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin to the small villages of Portugal via a travelling cinema.

As well as these wildly diverse jobs, Paulo furthered his art career working in theatre doing set and costume design, and writing scenarios for various puppet theatre productions. He also curated dozens of exhibitions on sculpture, illustration, ancient and contemporary painting. He regularly travels all over the South of Portugal, visiting schools in little towns and villages to talk about comics.

Since 2005 he has been the director of the Beja Comics Library and of Beja’s International Comics Festival (, where comic artists like Craig Thompson, Dave McKean, Miguelanxo Prado, Lorenzo Mattotti, David B., Gipi, among others, have featured. As well as Portugal, his comic work has been published in France, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Colombia. His first book collection, The Infinite Love I have for You won the Best Portuguese Comic Book and Best Independent Comic Book Awards in 2011. His second graphic novel is a long form love story.

Infinite Love will be the first of his works translated into English.


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The Infinite Love I Have For You

3 Responses to “Paulo Monteiro”

  1. João Pedro
    on Jul 27th, 2012
    @ 11:40 am

    Just finished reading The Infinite Love I have for you in Portuguese. Today I turned the last page. It connected to me on a strong level. I am still impressed by Paulo’s talent. He is an awesome and inspiring artist! I was literally weeping with emotion. The text and illustrations intersected beautifully. I am stunned! Nice choice Blank Slate!

    João Pedro

  2. Kike Benlloch
    on Dec 1st, 2012
    @ 5:38 pm

    Printed twice in Portugal and awarded as the best national book of the year, it’s an outstanding piece of art, full of poetry and deep emotion. It contains several top notch short stories, and there’s one inspired by fatherhood that will remain with you on and on. It’s a rare, extremely personal book, that deserves the highest praise.

  3. “Sheriff d’Or” comic award for Paulo Monteiro | literary rambles
    on Jan 21st, 2014
    @ 1:12 pm

    […] is more information in English on the artist and his work here […]

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