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Lizz Lunney

LIZZ LUNNEY is an illustrator and comic artist who creates zines, badges, stickers, tote bags and of course comics, featuring her vast array of food and animal characters such as Romantic Bison, Keith the Wizard, and Sweary Cat. Her character Depressed Cat has his own Twitter account and a larger following than Lizz herself! Lizz has a degree in animation and does storyboarding for film and animation. She experiments a lot with different types of communication, sewing creatures that people can interact with, in installations and shows, constantly extending her range of ways to GET YOU. You can support her online comics by joining her Fun Club here. Your support means she will be able to spend more time drawing comics and less time worrying. Lizz lives and works in Berlin.

Take Away!
– Lizz Lunney
Slate 42 

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