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Jamie Smart

Jamie Smart has drawn and continues to draw a phenomenal amount of comics and illustration since he first came onto the scene with his ten-issue comic series, Bear. He is the creator of Space Raoul, Ubu Bubu, and Looshkin. Fish Head Steve was a long-running series in The DFC and Bunny Vs Monkey has notched up 150 episodes in The Phoenix, two weekly children’s comics. His work appeared regularly in The Beano, and he redesigned Desperate Dan for the Dandy and supervised its relaunch, while also producing webcomics such as Corporate Skull, and Whubble. Somewhere in amongst all that activity he pitched a tv show, wrote and designed two children’s books around a creature treasure hunt called Find Chaffy, drew two hugely complicated book collections of monster puzzle drawings featuring Doctor Who aliens and monsters, and also found time to write and draw Kochi Wanaba, a more personal (though no less crazed) project which he serialised online. The collected book version of Kochi was published by BSB in 2012.

Jamie lives somewhere in the south of England with his partner Sarah and their dog. 

Kochi Wanaba
– Jamie Smart
Slate 23 

– Davis, Phoenix, various

Slate 25

Nelson Special Edition
– Davis, Phoenix, various
Slate 25














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