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A Pimo & Rex II update

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We know you love Thomas Wellman’s Pimo & Rex. We do too!  The adventures of this debonair pairing were definitely one of our favourite books last year and we were very proud to collaborate with Thomas and Rotopol Press to bring it to you in English. So we were thrilled to hear Thomas had plans for a second volume…



The great number of projects that Thomas has on the go means that the progress on this follow-up book of greatness isn’t as fast as he’d like, but it’s coming along. Here’s a character drawing:



And here’s what she looks like in action, as seen in a chunk of a new page from book two – in the original German for now:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 17.31.19

Looking good, huh? More to come in the months ahead. We’ll keep you posted! There are a very limited number of copies of the first book (less than ten!) still available from our webstore here. If you click your nimble fingers over to our store you could snag one for yourself or a very fortunate loved one before Christmas. But when they’re gone, they’re gone, so don’t dilly dally!


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