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  • Published: Nov 14th, 2014
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Donya Todd rules Thought Bubble!

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Designers of this year’s official Thought Bubble t-shirt are none other than the mighty Donya Todd and her art partner Jack Teagle. Dazzling or what? It’s sure to sell out in no time at all, we want one for every day of the week ourselves. If Donya’s the queen of TBubz then that must mean that Jack is the King, right? Or at least the Prince Regent. Not that we subscribe to any of those monarchistic notions, it’s just a metaphor, okay? Anyway, these two inkslingers have combined their powers to make this fantastic design which will be available during the convention. As if that isn’t already cool enough, there’s a variant design which will be worn by TB staff only. Check it out – that rad minimalism may be even feistier! But you can’t buy this one so at least you won’t have the agony of having to choose.

We can’t be at Thought Bubble this year but remember, Donya will be at table #154 with a heap of gorgeous zines, prints, patches, paintings and books, including the ever-great Death and The Girls.

ps: it’s Donya’s birthday today too! If you see her you are officially allowed to give her the bumps from us.

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