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Anarchy versus Occultery: Donya Todd

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Donya Todd is blowing up! She wraps up our two-week journey through this period of pumpkins and pyromania with a bang. This is what we’ve come to expect from the always-explosive author of Death and The Girls, who doesn’t know how to write or draw anything that doesn’t set off some fireworks. She’s got to be one of the hardest working comics creators around, collaborating with Jack Teagle on Chubby, organising her Bimba group project plus heading up Comic Book Slumber Party. Worthy contenders for your interest, all of them and Donya designs killer tees and patches too. We’ve got chestfuls of Chubby over here at BSB!

Whatever you’re doing tonight, whether it involves crowds and municipal fireworks displays, backyard firework parties or just a couple of sparklers with your nearest and dearest, thanks for visiting. And our thanks to all the talents who’ve sketched up a powerful passel of pyropixels for us and for you over the last couple of weeks. Remember, never go back to a firework after it’s been lit, okay?

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