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  • Published: Dec 17th, 2013
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Felt Mistress goes into Hiber-Nation

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Our Creature Couture stars, Louise Evans and Jonathan Edwards, never stop working. Currently showing at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff between now and 5 January is an all-new exhibition of Felt Mistress magic, called Hiber-Nation.

On two floors of the Wales Millennium Centre is an installation of new 3D felt, tweed and woollen creature pieces by Felt Mistress, plus the original drawings from which they were derived, in watercolour and pen & ink, by Jonathan Edwards. You can walk in and freely wander around the various creatures and pictures, sit in the foyer and gaze up at the magnificent queen, and then have a latte while you prepare for a face to face meeting with Felt Mistresses’ biggest creation yet, who awaits you next to one of the ground floor entrances – just follow the footprints…

When you’ve finished cramming your eyes full of the intricate painting of Mr Edwards, it will be time for your other senses to take a turn and get interactive with a hug from a nine foot tall yeti. Who could resist? Just look at how happiness is filling that super talented artist Simon Gane!

It’s Louise and Jonathan’s first show in their native Wales and it’s been a big hit. BBC Wales loved what they saw and the show also drew raves from Inkygoodness.

It’s the perfect antidote to those winter blues. Dark days getting you down? We recommend a daytrip to smother your end-of-year ennui beneath the furry arms of a giant yeti. The welsh for “hug” is “cwtsh”. Editor Bridget Hannigan is making the most of her yeti cwtsh moment. Don’t you wish you could? You should!

Hiber-Nation ends on 5 January. Show details here.

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