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British Comic Awards: Nominations!

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The British Comic Awards is a brand new initiative to annually celebrate the very best in British comics, aiming to commend and highlight the best stories told by writers and illustrators over the past twelve months. In their own words: “Our awards recognise the finest examples of creativity, ingenuity, skill and originality in sequential storytelling in all genres and formats. We don’t distinguish between printed work and digital, or between published and self-published work; our only criteria is that the creator(s) be from the UK.”

We’re very pleased to report that our books have received three nominations this year.

Nominated in the category of “Best Book” is Blank Slate’s own Nelson, which was also nominated earlier this year for an Eisner Award.

Nominated in the category of “Best Comic” is The Accidental Salad, by Joe Decie.

Nominated in the Young People’s Comic Awards is Dinopopulous by Nick Edwards.

The first annual BCA Ceremony will be held at the Thought Bubble Comic Con, on Saturday 17th November 2012. Nelson editors Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix and Accidental Salad’s Joe Decie will all be in attendance. We’ll let you know what happens!

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