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Nelson Authors Interviewed for Brazilian TV

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Do you know why Brazilian sports television is better? Their coverage of London 2012 will feature comics. No, you aren’t reading that incorrectly: it’s 100% true. Brilliant, huh?

Yesterday, SporTV’s London correspondant Marcelo Barreto stopped by the Detonator studio to interview Woodrow Phoenix and Simone Lia about Nelson. As part of the channel’s Olympics coverage, the channel are delving into London’s literary scene, interviewing all kinds of authors about their work.

We’re hoping to grab a copy of the footage when it airs during the games. Until then, Woodrow tells us that they covered a wide range of comics, from the depictions of London in the book, to their experiences of the city, The Olympic Park and Nelson representing the plurality of voices within the UK comics scene.

Still haven’t read the (ahem, Eisner-nominated) book? It’s available now in the Blank Slate webstore. If you have, be sure to let the newly-announced British Comic Awards committee know.

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