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My Skateboard Life: The Original Soundtrack

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This week, to celebrate the release of Ed Syder’s
My Skateboard Life, Ed’s been busy writing a series of guest blogposts. With music playing a big part of the book, today, he shares the soundtrack with readers via Spotify. Listen to the playlist here: My Skateboard Life on Spotify. Take it away, Ed!

A Tribe Called Quest ‘Can I Kick It?’ / De La Soul ‘Me, Myself & I’ / Public Enemy ‘Fight The Power’

I had a C90 cassette which was called something like ‘Ed’s Rap Tape’ with all of this stuff on. These twins Paul and Steven in my class had a tiny ramp in their garage which we’d go and cram into for a while and they had all of this sort of stuff blasting out. I ran into Paul a few years later when we had all started to drink and hang out with girls. He said something like “What the hell are you doing here?” like I’d arrived from out of blue, suddenly into his circle of friends again. Funny the things you remember.

Prince ‘Starfish And Coffee’

I used to write the lyrics to Prince songs in biro on this girl Alison’s tights during Maths lessons, all innocent stuff, but looking back it’s another example of me using my talent for bubble writing to further my cause.

Madonna ‘True Blue’

I remember Dan (the guy that listens to Madonna in the book) standing up for pure pop long before the whole ‘guilty pleasures’ crap became a lifestyle choice. This other guy, Mike only had one LP which was something by the Pet Shop Boys, I thought nothing of it. Having your own money and being able to make consumer choices of any kind were a few years off at this point. I can remember sitting outside my house working out how long it would take me to save up my 50p a week pocket money to buy a new set of skateboard wheels. *wipes tear from eye*.

The Doors ‘People Are Strange’

I really liked The Lost Boys film, but who didn’t?

INXS ‘New Sensation’ / Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Backwoods’

INXS had a Vision ‘Psycho Stick’ skateboard on their album cover and had skateboarding in one of their videos. We’d catch glimpses of this sort of thing on TV more and more often as our secret ‘lifestyle’ grew in popularity. I was originally going to do a comic all about a 1987 skate contest that the RHCP’s played at. I think it was called ‘The Vision Skate Escape’ and it was held in an arena with flashing lights etc. I had hopes that the comic was going to be just like Roy Of The Rovers but I soon lost interest.

Operation Ivy ‘Bad Town’ / Descendents ‘Silly Girl’ / Jackson 5 ‘I Want You Back’ / War ‘Low Rider’ / McRad ‘Weakness’ / fIREHOSE ‘Hear Me’ / Dinosaur Jr ‘The Wagon’

These are all great songs from old skateboard videos. Music from what seemed another universe, songs you’d hum to yourself as you flew down the street every saturday morning. I still trust Thrasher Magazine’s music section implicitly and it’s a great way to hear new stuff.

Jimi Hendrix ‘Angel’ / Salt ‘N’ Pepa ‘Push It’

I asked my mum for a Hendrix cassette for Christmas. I just knew I’d like it, even though I’d never even heard anything by him before. He just looked really cool. My brother Dan got ‘A Salt With A Deadly Pepa’ the same year, so as we shared a room we played the hell out of that tape as well.

They Might Be Giants ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’

You know that awkward first conversation with a girl when you attempt to find something in common? Well this song was that thing, and before things like ‘Grunge’ or ‘Goth’ had put us all in our separate groups, liking this song meant that you were ‘alternative’ or at least a little quirky and more importantly someone you NEEDED to have in your life.

Nirvana ‘Lithium’

Nicky Lewis (we always remember our school friends full names, don’t we?) played me ‘Nevermind’ at school and it was just like when I saw that Skull & Snake’ skateboard in a bike shop. There was something else, something ‘other’ that I just had to find out about.

What did you think? How does that match up to the soundtrack of your youth? Get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook to share your own Spotify  playlists.
My Skateboard Life is currently available from the Blank Slate webstore – grab one while it’s hot!

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    Insane Blog! I like your posts a lot. Maybe you are interested in an link exchange with my site ? It is about skateboarding of course.

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