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Mawil’s Home and Away homage to Hitman 2

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As Blank Slate’s resident video game fiend, I couldn’t resist sharing the opening story of Mawil’s fantastic Home and Away with you all. In the light of Square Enix’s reveal of Hitman Absolution at this year’s E3, Mawil’s reminder of a simpler—perhaps purer—time in the series seems more appropriate than ever.

Click under the cut for the full 9-page comic. Just the tip of the iceberg of funny, touching, and offbeat stories in Home and Away, make sure to visit the book’s official page on the Blank Slate site for more info and to buy your very own copy.


Buy Home & Away here!

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One Response to “Mawil’s Home and Away homage to Hitman 2”

  1. Janais
    on Jan 12th, 2015
    @ 7:23 am

    I hate my life but at least this makes it beraable.

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