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Blank Slate to Publish Pierre Maurel’s 3 Déclinaisons

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We’re pleased to announce that, this Winter, Blank Slate will be publishing Pierre Maurel’s 3 Déclinaisons in English. Roughly translating to “three declines”, the graphic novel is comprised of three interlocking narratives set within a modern city setting.  Thoughtful and understated, it’s an incredibly engaging story drawn in Maurel’s beautiful, loose visual style.

Originally published by L’employé du Moi in 2008, the book went on to achieve sélection officielle status at Angoulême and has won a legion of fans across the Franco-Belgian comics audience. Blank Slate’s edition of the book will be translated by Judith Taboy, the translator behind Luchadoras and co-editor of Avoid the Future. She’s working with Pierre at the moment to determine an English title for the book.

Understandably, we’re really excited about it. Head under the cut for some French-language previews from the graphic novel!

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