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  • Published: May 13th, 2011
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A bit of Blank Slate news + Nelson response

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It’s been one week since we announced Nelson and the response has been incredible. I’ve collected all of the press that I can find so feel free to peruse some of the links below.
(And by all means send an email over to if you’ve found an article that I’ve missed.)

Brad Brooks- Ninthart
Negative Zone
Down The Tubes
Comic Bits Online
Birmingham Mail- Speech Balloon
Broken Frontier
Sarah McIntyre
Ellen Lindner
Forbidden Planet Blog
Small Press Big Mouth
Pete Ashton
Jamie Smart
Thought Bubble Festival
Rob Davis
Space in Text
Bristol Expo (scroll down)

TCAF went very well – Joe Decie managed to sell out of all his copies of The Accidental Salad– hopefully we’ll have some photos from the event soon. (Probably once everyone has recovered from their jet lag)

Some very exciting news from Darryl Cunningham- you can get a glimpse of a story in the sequel to Psychiatric Tales called “Murderer’s Eyes” by visiting his website here.

The Forbiddne Planet Blog took note of this as well as Comic Book Resources.

And that’s it for this week. Have a lovely weekend-

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