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  • Published: Apr 28th, 2011
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Blank Slate News for this week

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As tomorrow most of you will be eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking tea from Will & Kate cups at this hour – you get your Blank Slate news a day early.

As you probably know we’ll be at TCAF next weekend.

What you may not know is that we’ll be participating in the Comics, Manga & Co. – The New German Comics Culture presentation and exhibit on Thursday May 5th at the Toronto Reference Library.

You can get full details here– we will be making a quick presentation discussing the German comics that we have published, the ones debuting at TCAF as well as the ones that will be released later this year- talking a bit about the company in general and also making an announcement for a book that we’ve been working on since late last year. So if you’re in the area please join us! It should be a fantastic evening! We’re also really excited that Mawil will be present for this event and the weekend – as well as Joe Decie who will be attending for the release of The Accidental Salad.

Broken Frontier posted an interview on Tuesday with Martin and Judith from Avoid the Future who translated Peggy Adam’s Luchadoras. You can read it here.

Madeleine Flores posted the first 7 pages of her new story/book on her blog – you can check them out here.

Warwick tweeted about the Cartoon Network’s Pinky Malinky- he had done some character work on the show- they’re currently gathering opinions to see if could become a series on the network.

What do you think?

Kenny also posted on his facebook a double page spread from Gungle- Warwick’s book to be released by Blank Slate in March of next year.

Really lovely stuff!

And that’s it for now- enjoy this second long weekend.


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