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  • Published: Feb 8th, 2011
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Hello Harvey


I come bearing salutations.

I guess I am what you would call the ‘new kid in town’. You might have heard about a certain ‘Kayla’ already- but if you haven’t, let me introduce myself: I am Kayla and I will be assisting Kenny with the many Blank Slate related duties.

If you’re nosey (which I certainly am) I’ll give ya the goods, a few tidbits about myself. I hail from a tiny bilingual village of 600 people in southern Ontario where I became BFFs with my dial-up internet connection. I earned a degree in both Philosophy and Film at Brock University while writing for the Canadian University Press. After graduation I started to work at Toronto’s finest purveyor of comics The Beguiling where I got in touch with my manga side. There I helped out with many-a-comic event including TCAF and literary festivals. From there I found my way to a business-ey administrative job from which I fled in order to travel. (For further details on this excursion you can visit my webcomic) This adventure of course allowed me to be wooed by the epic overcast skies England provided and decide to move to Manchester, where I currently live with my Adam. (The original man)

There we have it, Hello.

Enough about me, let’s talk about Harvey!

Nominations ballots for the Harvey Awards are online now until March 28th. These awards are extra special as they are the only industry awards selected exclusively by creators. Those who write, draw, ink, letter, color, design, edit or are otherwise involved in a creative capacity in the comics field are the only ones who can vote on these puppies.

So here’s where I decide to ask you a favour when we’ve only just met. (I know, the nerve!)

If you’re a creator and you picked up one of our books that came out last year and enjoyed it- feel free to click on this link and nominate that book or creator.

That would be awesome!

More to come soon-


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