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Introducing… the Nelson Special Edition!

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It has been a long time coming but Blank Slate Books is very pleased to announce that the Nelson Special Edition is now available. What is this, you ask? Read on.


Nelson was an ambitious project initiated by Rob Davis and steered to completion by Woodrow Phoenix with the collaboration of fifty comics artists from around the UK – and one living in the USA. A collective graphic novel idea that attracted a lot of attention and curiosity from the moment news about it began to spread. Most people doubted it would ever be finished, or that such a disparate group of artists could make a coherent story that was worth reading.


When it debuted at Thought Bubble in late 2011, it obliterated those doubts and amazed everyone with its imagination, the range and style of its content, and the way it built to a complex, rounded and very human portrait of a life in a way never seen before in the comics medium. In short, a triumph. The awards and plaudits that followed helped to prove it. Nelson was an instant classic.

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