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Sparky O’Hare – Teaser

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Sparky O'Hare Back Cover

Sparky O'Hare Back Cover

The translation of the next Mawil book is well underway and we are putting the finish to getting 30 or so of the strips ready to run, three a week, on the Forbidden Planet blog probably starting in 3 weeks time. The more I’ve read the book, now in English rather than my dodgy German, the more I have been enjoying it. It just seems so full of a kind of non-cynical, enthusiasm that you would have to be a scrooge not to enjoy. Of course to top it off Mawil is a brilliant natural cartoonist and the energy of his line really adds to the gags. I really hope that people will adore this strip and tell all their pals when it goes online, it deserves to introduce him to a wide and mixed market. Just as a little teaser here is the back cover, which acts as an introduction to Sparky and his lineage – when your new electrician comes with ancestry like that – you know it is going to be a bumpy ride. Enjoy, more strips on the FPI blog VERY soon. Then go out and buy the book to see over 50 more strips when it’s out in September – you won’t regret it.

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