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Mawil’s Counter Display

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The 2nd Mawil book goes off to the printer this week, his funny stories of a chaos making electrician bunny. It’s quite a small book – in terms of physical size rather than page count and it could very easily get lost on most shelves. It’s also the kind of book we think people will pick up, after flipping through a few cartoons, as a great little read or a present for friends. So Mawil was very keen to do a point of sale counter display to hold the book – here it is.

counterdisplaywebsmall-747982It holds 10 copies so you aren’t going to see this everywhere but we hope it will make it to counter points in many of the better comic shops around the world. We love the detail on the bottom of the box – something of course no-one will see – a little extra for the store owner and all you readers. That Mawil, sure has an eye for detail.

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