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SALE: 30% off on selected titles for International Women’s Day

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NelsonFrontPage SALE: 30% off on selected titles for International Womens DayLuchadoras 300pxw SALE: 30% off on selected titles for International Womens DayTGATGcover 300pxw SALE: 30% off on selected titles for International Womens Day

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re offering 30% off on all orders of our favourite books featuring inspirational female characters at their heart.

For one day only, readers can get their hand on 54-creator graphic novel Nelson for £13.30; Peggy Adam’s harrowing tale of life in Cuidad Juarez, Luchadoras, for £9.00; and Madéleine Flores’s all-ages story celebrating creativity and literature, The Girl and the Gorilla for £5.60.

Head over to the Blank Slate webstore today to pick up a real bargain.

In 2012 and beyond, we’ll be releasing more titles by female creators than ever before, with titles from Donya Todd, Isabel Kreitz and Line Hoven on the way very soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more news about upcoming releases!

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  • Published: Apr 28th, 2011
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Blank Slate News for this week

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As tomorrow most of you will be eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking tea from Will & Kate cups at this hour – you get your Blank Slate news a day early.

As you probably know we’ll be at TCAF next weekend.

tcaf Blank Slate News for this week

What you may not know is that we’ll be participating in the Comics, Manga & Co. – The New German Comics Culture presentation and exhibit on Thursday May 5th at the Toronto Reference Library.

goethe Blank Slate News for this week

You can get full details here- we will be making a quick presentation discussing the German comics that we have published, the ones debuting at TCAF as well as the ones that will be released later this year- talking a bit about the company in general and also making an announcement for a book that we’ve been working on since late last year. So if you’re in the area please join us! It should be a fantastic evening! We’re also really excited that Mawil will be present for this event and the weekend – as well as Joe Decie who will be attending for the release of The Accidental Salad.

Broken Frontier posted an interview on Tuesday with Martin and Judith from Avoid the Future who translated Peggy Adam’s Luchadoras. You can read it here.

Madeleine Flores posted the first 7 pages of her new story/book on her blog – you can check them out here.

Warwick tweeted about the Cartoon Network’s Pinky Malinky- he had done some character work on the show- they’re currently gathering opinions to see if could become a series on the network.

What do you think?

Kenny also posted on his facebook a double page spread from Gungle- Warwick’s book to be released by Blank Slate in March of next year.

gung 300x210 Blank Slate News for this week

Really lovely stuff!

And that’s it for now- enjoy this second long weekend.


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  • Published: Apr 1st, 2011
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This week’s Blank Slate News

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Here we are your Friday re-cap-

Luchadoras has received it’s first review from Paul Gravett.
Though much shorter at 97 ages, Luchadoras is a concise, focussed gem that deserves to sit up there alongside epics like Los Bros Hernandez’ Love & Rockets and Jessica Abel’s La Perdida as another empathic, perceptive portrayal of troubling aspects of contemporary Mexican society.”
You can read the entire review in his May Previews.

Avoid the Future interviewed the lovely Madéleine Flores discussing The Girl and the Gorilla, her process, what we can expect next and her favorite books. You can read the full article here and don’t forget to vote for theStumptown Comics Award.

Darryl Cunningham’s Psychiatric Tales continues it’s long list of reviews- this time from Comics Worth Reading and
And if you haven’t already- have a listen to the recent interview for Inkstuds. Really good stuff.

I forgot to mention before that Nigel Aucterlounie posted a How To- session for The Dandy’s Bogies.

And as it is April Fools today- Please check out Warwick’s “I pity the April Fool”.


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  • Published: Mar 25th, 2011
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This week’s Blank Slate related news-

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Just a quick post directing you to some things that happened this week.

First up- Martin and Judith over at Avoid the Future! have posted a lovely interview with Peggy Adam discussing the soon to be released Luchadoras. They have an interesting relationship with this book as they translated the work- you can read the full article here.

As you may know Blank Slate are going to be attending the Toronto Comic Arts Festival May 7-8th- an official announcement has been released on their website (and mailing list) about all the British comics guests. Take a look at that here.

Darryl Cunningham has received another fantastic review of Psychiatric Tales over at The Hungry Reader.

Kenny posted some panels from Nigel Auchterlounie’s upcoming release MEGG via twitter earlier this week. You can see those here, here, and here.

Oliver East has some really nice original art currently for sale in his online store. Definitely worth a look- especially for any Elbow fans.

Warwick posted a particularly amusing Sweary Bear mid-week- you can take a gander via his blog.

And finally, if you haven’t already- please fill in your ballot for The Harvey Awards- The deadline is Monday so time is running out.

Hope you have a lovely weekend-

A bit of news-

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There’s been quite a few Blank Slate mentions this week so I thought I’d direct your attention to some articles.

First up, Madeleine Flores the creator of The Girl and the Gorilla has been nominated for a 2011 Stumptown Comic Arts Award for Best Letterer. You can see the whole list of nominees here.
And you can vote for Madeleine by filling out this ballot.

Don’t forget to keep your Blank Slate favorites from last year in mind for the Reader’s Choice Award where you can vote for up to three favorite comic books from the past year.

The Girl and the Gorilla 217x300 A bit of news

Darryl Cunningham did a short interview with One in Four magazine about his book Psychiatric Tales. You can read the article here or visit our Features section.

Psychiatric Tales 208x300 A bit of news

Mawil made a few appearances on the Forbidden Planet International blog recently.
First with this comic about ‘being relaxed’ and then Wednesday with this article about Mawil going 3D.

Finally and definitely not least, we’re gearing up to release Luchadoras at the end of next month.

You can take a look here and you can access the press release and media kit via our new Press section.

Luchadoras 300pxw 228x300 A bit of news

And of course- you can purchase books from all of these artists in our store.


They look happy now – just wait.

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So here’s the thing. I’ve wanted for a while to have the facility to do some French books but had no ability in house to do the translation/s. We could have put it out of course but I like to fiddle with translations a lot and I’ve had at least one bad previous experience where getting a translation done felt more like going back to school and being told what to do. So we had been sticking to what we knew we could do well, German books, or where there was a decent chance of getting some assistance with the cost of the translation (Flemish – thanks Els). Then enter this pair – this is Martin and Judith who are the people who bring you the excellent Avoid the Future blog.

photo e1288393436392 300x225 They look happy now   just wait.

After I posted some of my favourite French books for a piece Joe Gordon had done over on the Forbidden Planet blog Martin contacted me to say how much he and Judith also loved the work of Peggy Adam – especially Luchadoras (which at that point I hadn’t seen). We got talking and I said I’d love to do some French stuff but lacked a translator which is when Martin and Judith offered their services. Both are very big comics fans – which you can tell when you read their blog, which not only wanders down tributaries most blogs ignore but brings an overwhelming positiveness and optimism to the material they review and spotlight. In fact that philosophy is very much like my own – why bother spending your time criticising or ladling snide on stuff that isn’t very good when there is so much great stuff to shout about. Into the bargain Judith is French and well versed in translation and Martin is there to help with idiom and getting the English as right as possible. In my previous experience of translation sometimes it’s better to completely change a passages words to get the feeling that was meant in the original language (there was quite a lot of that in our Sleepyheads translation) rather than slavishly hold to the original on a word for word basis. So we talked about it some and we agreed to form a little partnership to do some French books and went and acquired the license for Luchadoras from Swiss publisher Atrabile. It’s a powerful book documenting one girls life in the Mexican town of Ciudad Juarez – where over 600 women have been murdered in the last 17 years. Here’s a page of the untranslated book below.
49bf8856ad99a zoom 218x300 They look happy now   just wait.

I’m very excited to have Martin and Judith as partners on this – they will be doing the heavy lifting and I’ll be drinking Margaritas and cracking the whip in the background. I think they will do an immensely good job and I know they are fired up for the project. I hope to make many more books with them in the future before they take the experience and go off and do it all better on their own – which surely with their talent and excellent comics taste will happen one day. For now though let’s just all welcome M&J on board as part of the Blank Slate family. Glad to have you along guys.

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