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  • Published: Apr 15th, 2011
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This week’s Blank Slate news-

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Hello and Happy Friday-

Quite a bit of news- but let’s kick it off with some videos.

Nigel Auchterlounie posted a video earlier this week of him flipping through his artwork for the new Spleenal book Megg.
(Coming along nicely- can’t wait to see the finished product!)

Oliver East did a video for Elbow’s new single “Open Arms”- you can watch it below-

He’s also been painting mural over the last few weeks and has been documenting his progress on his Flickr account.

Kenny did an interview with discussing challenges faced by independent publishers, the soon to be released Luchadoras and future projects/ releases.

You can read the entire interview here.

Kenny also teased us with a few covers this week-

Here’s the cover (without bar code etc) for the first part of Luke Astorigin’s “Pablo Apple Tree” which is part of the Chalk Marks imprint comics.

The Forbidden Planet Blog did a little write up about it here.

He also showed us the cover rough for the upcoming Collected Hugo Tate by Nick Abadzis.

You can read a bit more about this via the Forbidden Planet Blog over here.

It’s also quite important to vote for Bob Etherington and our very own Warwick Johnson Cadwell’s Tag-Team-Tastic before tomorrow- April 16th- to keep this fantastic comic in The Dandy.

You can vote here– just look for this icon:

You should also check out Warwick’s blog as he’s been drawing DC characters and there’s some real gems!

That’s it for this week-

Have a great weekend!


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