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Over on his social network accounts, Kenny (Twitter / Facebook) makes his argument for voting for Blank Slate in this year’s Eagle Awards:

“‘I’ve just looked over our list for 2012 and we have an improbable 20 books scheduled. 16 of them by UK creators, 7 for whom it will be their first printed titles. We would appreciate any support for Blank Slate in the Eagle awards that you can give. an award would help us become better known, the better known we are the more cartoonists we can support in getting their work public. We are nominated in a number of categories and vote for us is a vote happily received.”

Punching way above our weight in 2011, 2012 is set to be even greater for readers, with an even bigger and more diverse selection of books. If you enjoyed our work in 2011, head on over to The Eagle Awards site where you can vote for an increasingly stacked list of nominations, including:

Favourite Publisher: Blank Slate
Favourite British Comic (colour): Nelson
Favourite Original Graphic Novel: Nelson
Favourite 2011 single story: Nelson
Favourite cover: Nelson
Favourite Newcomer Artist: Will Morris (of the upcoming The Silver Darlings)
Favourite Artist (pencils): Nick Edwards (check out Nick’s Dinopopolous here)
Favourite Editor: Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix (check out Nelson here)
Favoutite Letterer: Woodrow Phoenix (check out Nelson here)

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