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Chalk Marks – the board is filling up

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Our Chalk Marks project is starting to get to the publicise it stage so here is a little sneak peak of what’s coming

Joe Decie’s The Accidental Salad is done and will go to the printer tomorrow. I love Joe’s style – not really like anyone else’s – we are hoping it will find an audience for his work. Official launch will be at TCAF in early May but expect some copies in store in April.

Nick Edwards is well underway with his Dinopopolous book which is sure to show why he is a future star. The cover above is just the start of a pop culture melting pot.

Luke Astorigin is about 3/4 finished the first issue of 3 which will make up his Pablo Apple Tree story. To my eyes it’s a really attractive hybrid of Manga and western comics. Here’s a pencilled page prior to being inked up.

Last but by no means etc… Here is an internal page from William H. Morris’ enchanting Silver Darlings – a story of Ayrshire fisherman which shows off Will’s amazing design and draughting talents.

All in all – I’m really looking forward to these. All will be in the Fantagraphics Ignatz format and should be out by late summer. Then we’ll be chasing you to buy them…


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