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  • Published: Nov 21st, 2012
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Nelson wins Best Book at the 1st British Comics Awards!

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Last Saturday at The Royal Armouries in Leeds, the first British Comics Awards Ceremony was held, after day one of the Thought Bubble Comic Festival. We are delighted to report that Nelson was voted the Book of The Year!

Editors Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix gave a very short, sharp thank-you speech and although Woodrow tried to prise the trophy out of Rob’s hands, there was no chance of breaking Rob’s iron grip. Congratulations to them and to all of the contributors whose combined efforts made Nelson the triumph that it is.

Blank Slate would like to thank the judges of the BCA for selecting Nelson as winner of the debut award as well as the committee for their original nomination of it. Also, we thank each and every reader and retailer out there for supporting the book; it’s a real honour. Our most sincere hope for the book is that it continues to do what the editors intended, show people the vast and diverse range of talent existing and emerging the UK scene.

And judging by Thought Bubble, that talent just continues to grow and grow. Here’s to  everyone making more great comics in 2013!

Also, be sure to check out Kenny talking about the awards and comics in the UK in general over on the Bookseller website. Does your local bookstore stock comics? Be sure to show them this if not!


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