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Martin Steenton joins Blank Slate as Publicist

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As of today Martin Steenton will be heading up our publicity and marketing department. Many of you may already know Martin from his regular posting on the excellent site Avoid the Future, which he owns and runs with Judith Taboy. I worked with them on the translation of Luchadoras – actually they did pretty much the whole thing – and I know Martin will bring a deep love of comics to the job along with his marketing experience and a great eye for detail. Given he is also a huge fan (and has Judith backing him up with her ideas) expect him to be more involved in Blank Slate than just being our all-important publicity guy. These guys love French comics so expect more from them on our list.

For the last 4 months Kayla Marie Hillier has been filling this role and we want to thank Kayla for her many efforts as our point girl over this period. In November our very ambitious Nelson book will be released and it wouldn’t be happening without the focus that Kayla has brought to the project, co-ordinating everything behind the scenes and helping editors Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix. Kayla, good luck with whatever you do next!

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