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Blank Slate + Jonathan Cape at Latitude!

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L-R: Martin Steenton, Julian Hanshaw, Darryl Cunningham, William Goldsmith

Better late than never! After a week of frantically catching up with things at Blank Slate, I’ve finally found a moment to post a picture from Darryl Cunningham‘s panel appearance at Latitude with Jonathan Cape (“Capers” as they became known on the day) Julian Hanshaw and William Goldsmith. The speccy bloke on the left is yours truely, wearing my Avoid the Future hat for the day.

A celebration of the diversity in the current British comics explosion, the panel discussion took place in front of a capacity crowd in the Literary arena, where we were sandwiched between Mark Thomas and Robin Ince like the stars we are. We focused on Darryl’s Psychiatric Tales, Julian’s Art of Pho, and William’s Vignettes of Ystov. Just to cement the camaraderie in UK comics, shout-outs were given to our good friends at NoBrow, SelfMadeHero (who had a panel later that day), Knockabout and more.

It’s a great time to be a comic reader. Thanks to Julian and his wife for the photo. See you next year(?)!

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