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New Blank Slate Logo

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New Blank Slate logo

The rumours are true! That loveable rogue HARVEYJAMES has designed a new Blank Slate logo for us to deploy in the coming months. Expect to see a cavalcade of amazing comic work bearing the logo on shelves very soon. We hope you all like it as much as we do, which is a helluva lot.

In the words of HARVEYJAMES himself:

” Blank Slate, for me, is the perfect name of a modern comic book company: a clarion call to artists to forget the trappings of genre, industry and expectation and to focus on making work that reflects their own unique point of view… The Blank Slate B is a logo that I hope will prove to be memorable, adaptable and lasting.”

Huge thanks to HJ for the logo, which is already causing quite a stir on our social network streams. Here’s to the future! Stay tuned for a full schedule for the next 6 months…

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