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Prepare for Dinopopolous with free Nick Edwards wallpaper!

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Those of you who follow our Twitter or Facebook (or G+, natch) accounts will know that we can’t stop talking about Dinopopolous. In order to get you even more hyped up for the comic’s release next month, creator Nick Edwards has produced some characteristically brilliant desktop wallpaper just so you can remind yourself daily to bug your local comic shop to order the hell out of it.

Download the 1400 x 1144 image in JPG or transparent background PNG flavours today. I have mine set against a lurid purple background just because I roll like that. Why not send us a picture of yourself enjoying the background in your work space/ home/ etc. to We’ll be sharing them on our social network streams as they come in, so wear some clothes for heaven’s sake.

PS) For those of you who don’t live near a totally righteous comic shop, we’re in the process of setting up pre-orders on-site now!

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