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HARVEYJAMES unveils ZYGOTE: Inkstuds interview, new website, Daniel Clowes as serial killer?

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It’s been a big news day for our very own HARVEYJAMES so far. Head on over to the Inkstuds site to hear Robin McConnell chat with James about his Chalk Marks title A Long Day of Mr James-Teacher. The perfect primer on James’ work, the interview features talk about the comic, the trip to Korea that informed the book, his background in animation, the influence of Shintaro Kago, his dance skills and his current work. Also on the podcast, James well and truly blows the lid off his new full-length graphic novel project with Blank Slate: Zygote. Get excited about the upcoming book on the freshly-launched Zygote mini-site, here.

Also generating some noise following McConnell’s mention of it is James’ in-depth look at what he believes is the murderous subtext behind the entirety of Daniel Clowes’ career: It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before We Find Out Where Dan Clowes Hid The Bodies.


I think the most prevalent theme in his comics has been entirely overlooked, and it stares me in the face every time I see his stuff- that Dan Clowes wants to kill a lot of people, and has possibly already killed.  Let’s examine the evidence!

Clowes seems to position himself as the only right-thinking character on earth. Right from the early issues of Eightball, the rest of humanity are alternately described as maggots, ants, or vermin.

The earth is sick with humanity. There’s too many people. He equates them with lice.

The cure?

A machine gun!

For more, go check out the entire article on James’ blog today. Not before grabbing a copy of A Long Day of James-Teacher and sharing the good word of Zygote with all your Facebook & Twitter pals though. No sir.

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