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We Can Still Be Friends – Mawil

Berlin-based cartoonist Markus Witzel, who goes by the pen name of Mawil, has established a reputation in Europe for his cataloguing of the awkwardness of relationships, especially with the opposite sex, but always with some terrific humour throughout, earning him an Icom Prize in 1998 and an international reputation among the comics community. We’ve featured some of Mawil’s work previously in some free comics inserts in the FPI catalogue and we are delighted to be able to offer this English translation of a brilliant European comics creator; Mawil has his own website (in English as well as German) here.

“Beautiful cartooning that captures the energy, awkwardness and freedom of youth and romantic infatuation,” Joe Matt - author Spent & Peepshow

“If only Mawil was as good with the girls as he is a cartoonist then we wouldn’t have these fun stories about how he isn’t any good with the girls. Which is good for us readers, I guess, and if Mawil’s adolescent love life had to suffer for the greater good, I’m okay with that. Thank you, Mawil,” Jeffrey Brown - author Funny Misshapen Body and Clumsy

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Price: £7.99

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