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Proper Go Well High – Oliver East

ISBN 9781906653026
Hardcover - 172 pages - colour

Proper Go Well High is the second book by Manchester comic artist Oliver East. Following on from his 'breakout' book Trains are...Mint this book sees Oliver further adventuring out on walks from Manchester until he reaches Liverpool, recording the many things that pass us by in everyday life. Part travel book, part diary, Oliver manages tocapture both the beauty and problems of this part of the country whilst passing some social and political comment as he goes. Told in a series of beautifully composed panels this is a step forward for the artist and another leg up the path of critical acclaim for the new British comics.

Trains are... Mint was nominated for the 2008 Ignatz award (recognising outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning) and Oliver was the cover and booklet artist on the Mercury award winning Elbow album "The Seldom Seen Kid".

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Price: £14.99

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