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Lichen – Stuart Kolakovic

Release TBC
ISBN 9781906653101
120 pages (TBC)
Colour Hardcover - 126 x 126  square

You live a simple life. A life that for all its lack of glamour is a happy one lived among nature. Then a chance meeting changes everything and you encounter emotions that you have never had before.

In Stuart Kolakovic’s first graphic novel a simple deer herdsman finds that true love is not always a straight path. Beautifully told in an unique style which pays homage to the folk art of his Serbian ancestors, this will surely be seen as one of the most visually arresting graphic novels of the year.

• Stu is widely recognised as one of the UK’s brightest new illustration talents - his work regularly appears in the Guardian, Telegraph and many other high profile papers and mags. His first love though is comics.

• Stu’s work was selected for a number of end of 2009 illustration round-ups as amongst best of year.


Price: £11.99

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