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Berlin and That – Oliver East

ISBN 9781906653071
168 pages
Colour Hardcover

This third book completes Oli East’s loose trilogy of travel and observational comics using the Train lines of North West Britain, and now Berlin, as his guides.

Oli has a unique art style, as he came to comics from fine art and without knowing the conventions of comics has created his own language. At times difficult but always memorable these are comics
stretching the enevelope of the artform.

In this volume Oli traverses Berlin and makes for the Polish border, armed with no German and a dodgy cut-up map. Adventures ensue. The book has contributions by 58 other artists and friends - some well known - Guy Garvey of Elbow - and some guys Oli knows from down the pub. This book will be an event in the art world in 2010.

• The first two Trains are... Mint books have gathered a devoted following who are fanatical about Oli’s work. His social observation and lovely art has been called a type of ‘new fogeyism’. His first book Trains are...Mint was nominated for the highly prestigious Indy comics award, the Ignatz prize. The only UK nomination in the last 2 years.

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Price: £14.99

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