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Nelson – various artists

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Fifty Creators,
Forty Three Years,
One Narrative.

Coming November 2011



The Band – Mawil

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“… You can’t do anything but enjoy The Band. Mawil knows how to get across his story with clever drawings that transport the readers into the band members’ shoes.”

- Splash Comics Germany



Home and Away – Mawil

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Beautiful cartooning that captures the energy, awkwardness and freedom of youth.”

- Joe Matt, author of ‘Spent’, ‘That Poor Bastard’ and ‘Peepshow’




The Accidental Salad – Joe Decie

AccidentalSalad 150pxh PRESS


Do you know about Joe Decie? I do! His ‘What I Drew’ webcomic is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S., all ink washes and chunky nib lines. I love it, and the way he shows little portions of his life is really tasteful, true to life without ever being dull.”

- Dustin Harbin, author of the ‘Dharbin!’ webcomic and ‘Diary Comics Vol. 1′



Luchadoras – Peggy Adam

Luchadoras cover 150pxh PRESS


“Through her art and storytelling, Peggy Adam manages to expand on a sensitive and universal matter intelligently and with conviction in an authentic, dark and very real setting.”

– Nicolas Gromoff-Pierre, Lire



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