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Nigel Auchterlounie  |  128 pages  | Softcover with flaps | Colour | ISBN:  978-1-906653-58-3 | £10.99

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Nigel Auchterlounie’s protagonist Spleenal, last seen in his own book of the same name (see Spleenal here) returns in Weak as I Am. An off-kilter exploration of a world just like this one except for an extra class of people for whom the usual rules don’t apply; those with powers. Powers which make them more than human and remove them from the grey everyday world, into a vividly technicolour wonderland of limitless possibilities. They live how they please, taking whatever they want, they don’t age, they don’t get up at six and spend three hours a day commuting to and from work, and nobody tells them what to do.

Spleenal, frustrated with his routine existence, longs to be one of them, and when he accidentally gains superpowers it’s the best day of his life… until he finds that his new upgraded existence might end violently at any moment. Suddenly it’s not such a great deal. How long is Spleenal going to survive when all the heroes are suddenly turning into villains?

Published November 2013

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