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Darryl Cunningham  |  68 pages  | Flexi-cover paperback | Colour | ISBN:  978-1-906653-31-6 | £15.99

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For curious minds of all-ages comes Uncle Bob Adventures, the new book from Darryl Cunningham, the acclaimed author of Psychiatric Tales.

Looking at him sitting in his favourite cosy armchair, you’d never guess that Bob was anything more than a friendly old man. However, underneath those white tufts of hair is an unmistakable glint in his eye—that of a globe-trotting adventurer. Back for a second volume, Bob recounts his outrageous escapades to his two nieces, unveiling secret histories and unbelievable encounters from across history and the world of literature.

Conceived as a tribute to the classic adventure, horror, and sci-fi stories that continue to inspire Darryl Cunningham to this day, the author humorously refers to Uncle Bob Adventures as a The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for younger readers”. Written with the same distinctive intelligence and respect for his audience as Darryl’s adult-oriented work, this is the perfect way to introduce children to the wide world of literature—and a fun reminder for adults, too.

In this second volume, Uncle Bob meets the Lord of the Jungle, travels by drilling machine to the Earth’s core, battles the mysterious Fantoman and is marooned on the deadly Skull Island. Uncle Bob’s other adventures can be found in Volume One.


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