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Dan Berry |  50 pages | 285 x 211mm | Hardback | Colour | ISBN:  978-1-906653-58-3 |  £9.99

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When an elderly woman tasked with looking after her neighbours’ pets for the week returns to find the family dog has passed away, she’s faced with a major problem. Unable to drive – and with her deranged neighbour offering no help whatsoever – how on Earth can she get Cruncher’s body across town to the vet’s to take care of before the family returns? And then she has an idea….

And so the journey of the suitcase and its strange contents begins.

In his debut graphic novel, Dan Berry uncovers the delirium that lurks beneath suburban life. Told across three interlocking tales of woe, we are taken on a tour through a world of dead pets, kindly neighbours, petty thieves, desperate men and people on the edge of sanity. Will Cruncher make it to the vet’s? Can one man succeed in his top-secret mission to sneak his neighbour’s dead rabbit back into its hutch? Is there any way an unhinged Top Gear fan’s amateur camcorder review of his Rover 75 will end well? Find out all this and more when you open up The Suitcase.

One of the UK’s fastest rising stars, Dan Berry has been wowing readers across the UK and French convention circuit with his trademark humour and expressive cartooning for some time. The book fans have been waiting for, The Suitcase showcases Berry’s unique humour and style as he caustically and affectionately explores the madness that may just be bubbling underneath an neighbourhood near you.



“Dan Berry’s delicate drawings perfectly outline a world that is funny and also a little sad.”

Eleanor Davis (MOME, Best American Comics, The Secret Science Alliance)

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