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Madéleine Flores  |  100 pages  |  Softcover |   B&W  |  ISBN 9781906653095  |  £7.99


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It’s a story for everyone who loves books, adventure, and saving the day!

Aurelie is having a rough day. But her foul mood is quickly forgotten when she crosses paths with a Gorilla. Her day only gets more interesting from there! A chat with historical characters, a hunter who takes her under his wing and a forest of unusual residents. What else will she encounter? And who will save the day?

This is the first Graphic Novel work from Madéleine Flores and it delves into how much our world would suffer through the lack of hope and creativity. It is an all ages book perfectly suitable for children of reading age and up.

A sweet and delightful little tale…
– Bart Croonenborghs at The Comics Journal

Flores has a lightness and a youthful joy in her writing and her art that makes this wonderfully innocent and playful.
– Richard Bruton at Forbidden Planet International

Published December 2010.

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