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Lizz Lunney | 128 pages | Softcover with flaps | 4 spot colours | ISBN: 978-1-906653-42-2 |  £9.99

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Lizz Lunney draws surrealist animals, household objects and items of food, all endowed with the sometimes questionable gift of consciousness, exploring various concepts of life and death in a humorous setting. Sometimes she draws humans. Take Away! is a specially commissioned book for Blank Slate that presents a selection from all of Lizz’s favourite work from the last eight years, alongside lots and lots of brand new content. It’s designed with four sections in four different tasty spot colours for extra dazzle, to give you the best possible experience of Lizz Lunney’s world of existentially silly and serious situations!

Featuring two of her longest stories yet, starring Romantic Bison in an epic tale of love and misunderstandings, and Depressed Cat in a globe-trotting adventure into ennui. Plus lots of short strips, interludes and strange moments with other recurring characters. As if that isn’t enough, unfold the cover and peek under the flaps and you’ll find even more pert and punchy comic strip goodness. Take Away! is absolutely packed with comics!

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