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Donya Todd | 48pp | Hardcover | Black & White | ISBN: 978-1-906653-56-9 | £8.99

Out now | Buy here.

Meet the Nubian Sisters: Betsy, Bunny and Batstone. A hangover is the least of their problems after a tequila-fuelled night in the Mexican desert leads to Betsy having a threesome with an anthropomorphic washing machine and Death himself. Love-struck, the grim reaper decides that he wants Betsy’s fleshy pink hand in marriage, and is willing to chase her to the ends of the Earth for it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Betsy’s woes are magnified when she finds out that she’s pregnant with Ol’ Washy’s child!

Riding ponies, hotwired donkeys and magic bikes across an hallucinogenic landscape, the girls find themselves everywhere from haunted swamps to outdoor supermarkets and face-to-face with a cast of freaky friends and foes that include naked cowboys, Polynesian princesses and omnipotent deities with venereal problems. More “vomit and profanity” than “sugar and spice”, join the Nubian Sisters as they leave a trail of destruction and exhausted lovers in their wake.

Donya Todd bursts onto the UK comics scene with this tale of debauchery, insanity and sexual escapades. Known for her surreal artwork that draws upon macabre influences, she brings all of that with tipped-brow to Mexican folk-art in this latest release from Blank Slate’s New British Comics initiative.

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