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HarveyJames |  28 pages | 285 x 211mm softcover with flaps |  B&W  |  ISBN 9781906653538  | Chalk Mark 5 | £5.99


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In 2008, I, being a young man of 25 years of age, went to South Korea to reach English to elementary school students. They were the six most eventful and enjoyable months of my life – I was constantly inspired, and formed bonds and friendships that will last forever. I climbed mountains! I hopped fences! I love, lost, fought and won battles! Here’s a comic I drew about a day where it rained. – HARVEYJAMES

A brief snapshot of HARVEYJAMES’ time in Korea, A Long Day of Mr. James-Teacher encapsulates the highs and lows of his life as an English teacher. The poster-child for the new wave of manga-inspired artists adapting those styles to their own ends, James exhibits astounding craft in his depiction of one particularly grim day.

“This spindly English anime nerd has springboarded off his love of Japanese cartoons into something new and beautiful. His linework and sense of volume comes purely from Japanese animation but he’s deconstructed the style and rebuilt it to express big ideas and deep feelings. “ – Nick Gazin, Vice Magazine

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