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We missed the Gosh! signing party for CBSP & Bimba but Hannah Chapman didn’t…

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…so we stole her photos  :D

Screen Shot 2014 11 22 at 21.15.30 We missed the Gosh! signing party for CBSP & Bimba but Hannah Chapman didnt...

Donya Todd sitting proud!

Screen Shot 2014 11 22 at 21.14.51 We missed the Gosh! signing party for CBSP & Bimba but Hannah Chapman didnt...

A table full of CBSP and Bimba product, whatta sight!

Screen Shot 2014 11 22 at 21.15.01 We missed the Gosh! signing party for CBSP & Bimba but Hannah Chapman didnt...

Donya Todd temporary tattoos for your extremities!

Screen Shot 2014 11 22 at 21.14.32 We missed the Gosh! signing party for CBSP & Bimba but Hannah Chapman didnt...

Apparently there was a kissing booth?

Screen Shot 2014 11 22 at 21.14.01 We missed the Gosh! signing party for CBSP & Bimba but Hannah Chapman didnt...

Team CBSP! That’s Hannah K Chapman throwing shapes at the front. Thanks for the pics, Hannah!

B2 LBSeCUAAgLYZ We missed the Gosh! signing party for CBSP & Bimba but Hannah Chapman didnt...


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Seems like everyone had a good time at this year’s Thought Bubble. Here’s Joe Decie, Lizz Lunney and Alex Norris ready to whup anybody who thinks they can get out of that room without buying a badge, a minicomic or a risograph print. Thanks to everyone who visited and we hope you heal soon!

B2pj4XjCQAAMjxR T.(B.)K.O.

Donya Todd rules Thought Bubble!

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DT JT TBSHIRT Donya Todd rules Thought Bubble!Designers of this year’s official Thought Bubble t-shirt are none other than the mighty Donya Todd and her art partner Jack Teagle. Dazzling or what? It’s sure to sell out in no time at all, we want one for every day of the week ourselves. If Donya’s the queen of TBubz then that must mean that Jack is the King, right? Or at least the Prince Regent. Not that we subscribe to any of those monarchistic notions, it’s just a metaphor, okay? Anyway, these two inkslingers have combined their powers to make this fantastic design which will be available during the convention. As if that isn’t already cool enough, there’s a variant design which will be worn by TB staff only. Check it out – that rad minimalism may be even feistier! But you can’t buy this one so at least you won’t have the agony of having to choose.

DT JT TBSHIRT2 Donya Todd rules Thought Bubble!

We can’t be at Thought Bubble this year but remember, Donya will be at table #154 with a heap of gorgeous zines, prints, patches, paintings and books, including the ever-great Death and The Girls.

ps: it’s Donya’s birthday today too! If you see her you are officially allowed to give her the bumps from us.

A BSB-free Thought Bubble

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It’s November, it’s Leeds, and on the 14th, 15th and 16th – next weekend – it’s time for Thought Bubble, one of the best weekends in the comics calendar. We would normally be telling you all about our new releases and signing schedules in this space, but it’s our sad duty to inform you the Blank Slate table will not be a feature this year. We had some unavoidable scheduling problems.

We’re sorry to miss our favourite show, but you can find other friends of BSB who have their own tables in New Dock Hall, and we have marked their positions for you on the floor map:

Oliver East #82

Felt Mistress (Louise Evans and Jonathan Edwards): #141

Lizz Lunney & Joe Decie: #149

Donya Todd (who is tabling with the equally great Jack Teagle): #154

Dan Berry: #157

Hang out with them, buy their new wares and we’ll see you there next year with our customary mix of great books from the best comics makers in the UK, and essential translations from our European friends.

new dock map 720x1024 A BSB free Thought Bubble

Note: unadulterated original version of this floor map by the supergraphic brain of Kristyna Baczynski

Anarchy versus Occultery: Donya Todd

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Anarchy DT Anarchy versus Occultery: Donya Todd

Donya Todd is blowing up! She wraps up our two-week journey through this period of pumpkins and pyromania with a bang. This is what we’ve come to expect from the always-explosive author of Death and The Girls, who doesn’t know how to write or draw anything that doesn’t set off some fireworks. She’s got to be one of the hardest working comics creators around, collaborating with Jack Teagle on Chubby, organising her Bimba group project plus heading up Comic Book Slumber Party. Worthy contenders for your interest, all of them and Donya designs killer tees and patches too. We’ve got chestfuls of Chubby over here at BSB!

Whatever you’re doing tonight, whether it involves crowds and municipal fireworks displays, backyard firework parties or just a couple of sparklers with your nearest and dearest, thanks for visiting. And our thanks to all the talents who’ve sketched up a powerful passel of pyropixels for us and for you over the last couple of weeks. Remember, never go back to a firework after it’s been lit, okay?

Anarchy versus Occultery: Nigel Auchterlounie

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nigelbonfire1 Anarchy versus Occultery: Nigel Auchterlounie

Nigel Auchterlounie, author of the riotous Spleenal and the incredibly smart and unpredictable take on superheroes that is Weak As I Am, takes a break from his Numskull duties to draw us this delightful scene of two happy souls basking in the glow of a roaring bonfire. Okay, so they’re probably arsonists if you want to be picky, the flames are feeding upon the Houses of Parliament, reducing those hallowed halls to kindling and quite likely barbecuing a few hundred MPs alive, but isn’t that blaze delightful?

Anarchy versus Occultery: Craig Conlan

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GHOSTCAT HALLOWEEN Anarchy versus Occultery: Craig Conlan

Craig Conlan, the brain that brought you Hairy Mary, continues to produce a cavalcade of comics at his blog, Craig’s Comic Land. The day after Halloween, who better to show us how to succeed with excess than Ghost Cat, the spooky feline with the transparent waistline? (He has other qualities, but for alliterative purposes they aren’t important now.)

Anarchy versus Occultery: Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

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WJC.HalloweenvsBonfireNight Anarchy versus Occultery: Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Warwick Johnson-Cadwell knows how to draw. His fingers fly across his many sketchbooks as he peels off the pages for Tank Girl, 24 Hour comics at the Lakes Festival and other things, including BSBs Nelson. And as night comes upon us, this scene of terror falls from his pencil. A hapless vegetable sits atop a pyre, its body soon to be naught but ash, beset by ruffians on a mission of mutilation… brrr.

Nice cheery colours though, eh? Happy Hallowe’en, you freaks!

Anarchy versus Occultery: Darryl Cunningham


frank and drac2 Anarchy versus Occultery: Darryl Cunningham

Darryl Cunningham, author of Psychiatric Tales and Uncle Bob Adventures, presents that time-honoured pairing of Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula. You’d always wondered why they seem to be together so much when they are so very different. Now the source of their unlikely affinity is revealed, intuited by Darryl with his usual clarity. Speaking of which, if you are in London on Monday night, Foyles bookshop is the place to be. Darryl will be in conversation with Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography and author of Inequality And The 1% (Verso Books). They will be discussing Darryl’s new book, Supercrash: How To Hijack The Global Economy (Myriad Editions) – a study of the origins of the 2008 financial crash and the philosophy that caused it to happen.

Just as Psychiatric Tales explained mental illness in a way anyone could understand, Supercrash examines the American New Right and the influential libertarian Ayn Rand,  and unravels the thinking that led to the global financial collapse to show why it happened and how it could happen again.  The event is at The Auditorium at Foyles, 107 Charing Cross Road. Tickets are £8 and you can book tickets here


Anarchy versus Occultery: Jonathan Edwards

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halloweenJE Anarchy versus Occultery: Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards, one half of the creative duo that is Felt Mistress, pens this cautionary note. I have had visions of the same thing happening to me where toffee apples are concerned, so I can sympathise. It’s probably just a minor inconvenience for the undead and new fangs will have sprouted by next moonrise, but it’s gotta smart. Bite carefully!

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