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Rob Davis was born in deepest, darkest, Dorset into an age when comics were as commonplace as cigarettes and sideburns. He produced the odd-ball psychedelic comic, SLANG, from 1989 to 1991 with Sean Longcroft, and from there began working professionally on mainstays of the British comics landscape Roy of the Rovers and Judge Dredd. Disillusioned that the world of comics didn’t match what he’d hoped to find, he separated the words and pictures, earning a living as an illustrator, and writing for himself. During this time he drew for the Guardian, BBC magazines, Scholastic Books and Random House, among others.

In 2005, Rob returned to comics work, writing and later drawing comic strips for Doctor Who Magazine, producing webcomics, and shorts for Solipsistic Pop. He came up with the idea for Nelson and co-edited it with Woodrow Phoenix, creating a unique book that won plaudits both in the UK and abroad. He has since adapted Don Quixote for SelfMadeHero to much acclaim, and recently completed the astonishing The Motherless Oven.

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Slate 25 

Nelson Special Edition
– Davis, Phoenix, various
Slate 25

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