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Oliver East

Oliver East first started making comics as part of art school projects – many of those he gave away to friends. Finally deciding he was interested in drawing he started the ‘Trains are… Mint’ series, self-publishing three issues before teaming up with Blank Slate to produce a collected edition of TAM and its two “sequels” ‘Proper Go Well High’ and most recently ‘Berlin and That’ which form a ‘walking’ trilogy.

His earlier self-published books like the ‘House of Fire’ trilogy from 2005 are now pretty hard to find but not as rare as his hand made book of ‘Trains are…Mint 4′.

You can buy his original artwork here as well as prints of some of his best images.

Oliver East’s Books:

Berlin And That
– Oliver East

Slate 7

Proper Go Well High
– Oliver East

Slate 3

Trains Are… Mint
– Oliver East

Slate 1

Swear Down
– Oliver East

Slate 28

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