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Joe Decie

Joe Decie draws pictures in boxes that are true and made up. He has been drawing and publishing comics online and in minicomic form since 2008. He keeps a lot of them on the internet. He doesn’t talk about it much, but Joe has a degree in Fine Art and can discuss Fluxus, Dada and The New York School with the best of them. He also has an abiding love for graffiti and hip-hop which you can maybe discern from the (wild) style of his lettering. As well as making comics the analogue way with paper, pen, brush and watercolour, then putting them into books and zines, he also sends them digitally to US publisher Top Shelf’s online comics showcase Top Shelf 2.0.

Joe’s day job involves teaching comics drawing to young adults with learning disabilities, which is very challenging but the kind of challenge he enjoys, especially when he can get them interested in the kind of indie comics he favours. Other important Decie information: his favourite chilli pepper is the Scotch Bonnet and his favourite Whisky is Lagavulin.

He lives in Brighton, on the south coast of England with his wife and their son.

The Listening Agent
– Joe Decie
Slate 54 

The Accidental Salad
– Joe Decie

Chalk Mark 1 (May 2011)





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